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Our Commitment

At Maison Jeanne, we strive to cultivate our values in harmony with the world around us and especially with the participants in this project, whether they are team members, suppliers, clients, or partners.

Maison Jeanne marque engagée et solidaire - Lutte contre le cancer

Together against Cancer

Maison Jeanne is a committed brand and company with a mission. Affected by cancer in one way or another, we are committed to helping those who are fighting this illness.

All year long, and since the creation of Maison Jeanne, we support women fighting against cancer thanks to our Victoire bracelet, we run as a team during charity races and we carry out specific operations by donating a part of our benefits to our partner associations.

More precisely, we are in close collaboration with La Ligue contre le Cancer du Nord (French League against Cancer Organization), for all our actions in France and with Mama Help - an organization supporting women affected by breast cancer - for those realized in Portugal.

Association Partenaire de Maison Jeanne dans la Lutte contre le cancer - La Ligue contre le Cancer Nord          Partenaire Maison Jeanne dans la Lutte contre le cancer - Mama Help Portugal

Engagement Social Maison Jeanne Cadeaux aux personnes malades Bracelet Victoire

Our support to Women undergoing cancer treatment

Because these periods of life are painful and that every gesture can count, since the creation of the brand in 2017, we are bringing our support to women weakened by cancer.

In partnership with La Ligue contre le Cancer du Nord, we offer to women fighting against cancer our lucky charm bracelet with the sweet evocative name of Victory, for each order placed on our website or during our events.

Already 2512 bracelets sent!

This action is only possible thanks to you. On behalf of Maison Jeanne and all the women who received this meaningful and hopeful attention, a big thank you! To continue giving meaning to our actions and make purchases with a cause, take a look at our collection.


Nos engagements solidaires pour Octobre Rose Maison Jeanne

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Everything is possible

During the month of October, a wave of pink color is invading our Instagram feeds and in our mailbox. And how can we not be happy about itOctober is the month of the year when pink in all its shades raises awareness and informs us about breast cancer screening brings us closer to those affected and gives us hope against this disease.

With a motivated team, we want to make the subjects that animate us daily the priority of this month to inform you and make you take part in our actions.

Punctuated by interviews, solidarity races, fundraising, distribution of our lucky charm bracelets in hospitals, charity events, and much more, Pink October is an opportunity to refocus and inform about breast cancer and its screening.


Maison Jeanne engagée avec La Fourchette Rose - Association Solidaire

Live.Love.Share : La Fourchette Rose

Inspired by our life experiences, we created the Organization #lafourchetterose which seeks to federate energies around the long illness. When cancer settles in a home, it sweeps away, shakes up, and upsets the most essential needs: to feed oneself and preserve a social link.

To remedy this, we are developing an application with La Nuit du Code Citoyen. Its mission will be to facilitate meals for affected families by connecting people undergoing treatment with volunteers willing to prepare, deliver and share healthy meals in a friendly atmosphere. This community will be a safe place where everyone can find their place in the chain of solidarity.

Nourishing the bodies and hearts of people who are suffering is what La Fourchette Rose is all about. Do you want to know more? Follow the first steps of our organization on Instagram!


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