.O U R   V A L U E S.

Maison Jeanne is above all a human adventure that strives to cultivate its values in harmony with the world around us and especially with the men and women who participate in this project, whether they are MJ team, suppliers, customers, partners...


Slow fashion is the foundation of the Maison Jeanne brand, we offer small collections composed of durable and qualitative products in an eco-responsible approach:

- Short circuit production: all products are handmade in Portugal, avoiding container transport and ensuring traceability from one end of the production chain to the other.

- Valuing local know-how: we support the local community and benefit from Portugal's expertise in textile manufacturing

- Rigorous selection of raw materials: natural, organic or recycled guaranteed without toxic and endocrine disrupting products (OEKO-TEX, SUSTAINABLE or BIO-ORGANIC certification)

- Sustainable production for sustainable consumption: we produce small collections in limited editions, our products are versatile, qualitative and durable to offer comfort and style in a sustainable way.

- Recycling and reuse: all our labels are made of recycled paper, the thick Maison Jeanne cardboard label is transformed into a luggage label to accompany your trips, some of the raw materials used are recycled such as the polyamide used for the MAYA jersey.


The human being is at the heart of the Maison Jeanne project and our intention is to create a link between women:

Our customers: communicate in a transparent way about the origin and manufacturing process of our products and listen to their needs and suggestions

Our MJ girls: to develop a community of MJ Girls who share our values and the desire to make Maison Jeanne live throughout the world. To be part of this community, to know its missions and benefits, contact us at hello@maisonjeanne.com 


In her trip, Maison Jeanne wishes to support women who are struggling with long-term illnesses and cancer associations.

Because these periods of life are painful and each gesture is precious, Maison Jeanne, through your online purchases, sends a little attention to these vulnerable women.

For any order on the site a gift will be offered to a woman with cancer