The Maison Jeanne adventure has become possible thanks to many partners, passionate professionals who accompany us throughout the creations, shootings, events and meetings.

The shooting locations

Veritable nuggets, these exceptional spaces warmly welcomed us during our various shootings and allowed to give our photographs the chic and natural atmosphere that we had dreamt of! Thanks to Amanda, Damien, Thomas and Virginie.


Our Pop-up Store hosts

Restaurant, shops, market, gym... Maison Jeanne is displayed in spaces that are as varied as they are welcoming. Thank you to all those who allowed us to exhibit in their showcases, their lounges or their terraces...: Olivier and Vania, Laura, Romain, Valérie, Léa and Alison


Our models  

Professional or just for the day, our three superb models accompany our fittings, events and shootings. Thank you to our ambassadresses of shock and charm: Grazzie, Ines and Louise.


Our photo-video and graphic partners

The visual imprint is crucial and we were fortunate to find talented photographers, video-makers and graphic designers on our way. Thank you to Charlotte, Lucas, Eugénie and Yara for these wonderful pictures and beautiful shared moments that are engraved in the history of Maison Jeanne.


Our fashion experts

Our first Maison Jeanne collections were designed, developed and adjusted with the greatest expertise by our four partners: Amélie Sausereau for the modelling and styling of the underwear and swimwear, Marie-Laure Lucereau and Anna for the modelling of the prêt-à-porter and Victoria Wambersie for the styling of the prêt-à-porter.

Thank you to Amélie, Marie-Laure, Anna and Victoria for these beautiful encounters and creations.

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Our gastronomic suppliers

To please the taste buds during events and meetings, we thank our loyal partners who offer food and wine made with love. Thank you to Alexandra and Antonio, Julien and Yara, Pascale and Raphael.


Without forgetting, of course, Camille and Pascal from Li-No Design who have been tuned to us for months to design and develop this site.